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Consultation Service

So much more than ‘just another job board’
Recruiting the right staff is one of the most stressful tasks your business will face. Get it wrong, and you not only waste time training the wrong people, but it can have a detrimental effect on your business image, success and bottom line.

With Beeline Personnel your first consultation is always free – arrange to meet with one of our specialists and we will discuss your current staffing needs before advising the best way to proceed without obligation. If you want to go further, we can offer a full consultation package tailored to your business goals and expectations now and for the future.

Our consultation services start from just £160. However, if you engage with Beeline Personnel for an ongoing consultation package the price will be tailored to your requirements, agreed up-front and completely transparent – no surprises.

We do not tell our clients how to run their business or advise on daily operations, at the same time – why would you want to run your recruitment process?

Summary of our Services

Design of Interview process and scoring matrix

Co-operatively assess skills, experience and attributes that are important to the job role, design interview technique and questions, and scoring matrix to quantitively assess candidates.

Interview Panel participation

Sit in on interview panel, using our expertise to analysis non-verbal communication. Pose initial questions and follow up questions.

Formal assessment and scoring

Present written assessment and rankings on each candidate and discuss merits of each.

In-tray exercise

Design a job role specific “In-tray” exercise, designed to assess how a candidate prioritises and handles typical everyday tasks, under time pressure conditions.

Bespoke skills and ability test

Choose from an extensive range of scientifically validated aptitude, skills, cognitive aptitude and emotional intelligence tests.

Personality Testing

Choose from a variety of personality and workplace alignment tests.

Marketing and Branding (Including a promotional Video)

Actively promote the vacancy as well as your business to attract the very best candidates and raise awareness of your business far and wide. Including a promotional video of the vacancy and your business.

Advertise vacancy and brand

Utilise our extensive resources, including all the major job boards, social media, our website and knowledge of the job market to advertise the vacancy.

Candidate screening

Initial application screening, Telephone screening followed by a face-to-face interview.

Presentation of candidate, Including CV, Scoring, and Video introduction

Successful candidates presented to you with their CV, Scoring matrix against screening, cover letter, Consultants notes and advisory actions.

Package Comparison

The features below are an indication of the core services we offer.
We recognise that every business is different, and therefore has bespoke needs. Get in touch to arrange a free initial consultation to discuss our packages, or a bespoke package for your business requirements.



What's Included

  • Design of Interview process and scoring matrix
  • Sit on Interview Panel
  • Formal assessment and scoring
  • Provide feedback to all candidates



Everything in Pollen +

  • In Tray Exercise
  • Bespoke Skills & Ability Test (Basic)



Everything in Sugar +

  • Bespoke Skills & Ability Test (Advanced)
  • Personality Testing



Everything in Nectar +

  • Marketing and Branding (Including Promotional Video)
  • Advertise vacancy and brand
  • Candidate screening
  • Presentation of candidates

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