3 Ways on how to identify the best CVs

| Jess Bailey |

Before you begin to analyse potential job candidates’ CVs, you need to start by making sure that you are attracting the kind of applicants that you want. The best way to do this is to make sure that you have written a clear and accurate job post. The reason behind this is because, it will create an invitation for the intended candidates with relevant skills to apply and show off their skills and it also shows to the other candidates who may not have the selected skills to not apply as it won’t be applicable to them and their experience.

Review the candidate’s career path

You should not only identify what positions the candidate has held previously, but also their movement in the workplace. If your position has a limited amount of progression, it would probably not be really suited to a candidate who has previously shown a great amount of progression in their previous role and is looking for serious career growth. Although, if you are looking at identifying a candidate who will work hard to work their way up the ladder, you should avoid candidates who are staying at the same level of job status for a long time or have not achieved making the next step up.

Identifying accomplishments relevant to the workplace

Another tip for identifying a good cv, is to look out for industry awards or workplace accomplishments listed in the CV. A list of responsibilities will only show off what a candidate was expected to achieve daily according to their job duties. However, a list of accomplishments will show yourself what the candidate is all about and show his relevancy to the job. Also, keep an eye out for candidates who understand the goals of the business as well as their department.

Review education

When reviewing a candidate’s education, it is important to keep your minimum education requirements in mind. Look carefully through word heavy education sections to discern what was gained during these periods. You may want to discern whether the candidate was going to school part time while working full time. This shows dedication to achieving an educational goal while being able to balance multiple responsibilities. You should also be aware of a candidate who provides a long list of educational experiences. They may be covering a lack of practical experience.

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