3 ways to battle nerves before an interview

| Jess Bailey |

If it’s been a while since you went to your last job interview, it’s understandable to feel nervous as the big day approaches, but don’t let your emotions get the better of you. Remember: no interviewer wants you to fail. On the contrary, they have asked you along to confirm your capabilities and experience for the position you applied for. They want you to be a good fit for their company, so don’t stress out too much!

To help you prepare we have 3 of our best tips on how to perform better and fight off the nerves before the big day of the interview!

Research the company

One of the best tips to boost confidence is to research the company and to have some key pieces of information prior to the interview that shows you are aware of what they do. I would suggest doing this in the morning before attending so it is fresh information.

Interviewers will more than likely ask you a question along the lines of ‘So what do you know about us?’ Not being prepared for this is likely to bring those nerves out in full if you have to say ‘nothing’. However, with some modest research, you will be able to answer with confidence. It is also great way to show you are interested in the position and working for the company.

Prepare for interview questions

Every interview will have the same core questions asking you about your experience, any relevant skills, and what know about their services and clients. There will be other questions of course, but having good answers ready for these core questions will be where you can really shine and you should take the opportunity to showcase what you can do.

The interviewer will want to know how you match up to the job role – from a skills AND a personality point of view. Make sure you are also able to talk about your hobbies and interests. These are not just filler questions and really help an interviewer get to know you as an individual.

Take time to prepare these questions and also look at the job description, making sure you match up your answers to the job role and it’s requirements. This can really help you stand out and puts you in a good position to be seen as a top match for the job..

Arrive early

It almost goes without saying that punctuality is always something expected of you in any job role. There is nothing worse for you as a candidate than having to rush to an interview. It often shows in your appearance if you are not prepared, and will have a direct effect on your concentration when going through the interview.

Arriving early also allows you to observe the company and your potential future colleagues. Continue your research by talking to the receptionist and anyone else you are close enough to strike up a conversation with. You may find out something that was not on the company website when you looked earlier – and it will help you start the interview talking confidently if you have been talking with others just before.

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