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3 ways to stand out with your cv

| Jess Bailey |

With jobs being so competitive this means that for every application you submit, you could be up against numerous other candidates who have a similar skill set.

On today’s blog we will give you 3 key tips to stand out from the rest and enhance your prospects on getting a job!

Emphasise why you’re unique

You should stand out with something that is relevant to the job or just something out of the ordinary. Whether it is that you have your own business, you have taken part in extracurricular activities or volunteer work at school, college, or university or just for general work.

Of course, these things should be relevant to the job – and should emphasise your ability to carry out the role effectively.

For example, candidates who have a business suitable to their field of application should draw attention to their potential employer’s awareness and show extensive knowledge on their subject area. You should do this by sending in links to your portfolio and show your results, and people who you may have worked with.

Tailor your CV to the job

Your CV does not cater to all jobs that you may be applying for.

This means that sending the same one every time will not be attracting all employers when sending it out to different industries or different job roles.

Instead, you should cater your CV in line with the role you are applying for – using the job description, company information, and any other details you find from industry research as a guide.

A good thing to remember is a CV is all about making yourself stand out and being able to sell yourself effectively, through showing off and explaining your skills and experience. If the skill sets shown on your current CV are not relevant, the employer is not going to be able to see how you match up.

Pay attention to your personal statement

Your personal statement should the first thing an employer sees when they open your CV, meaning that making sure it is right and making it relevant is vital if you want them to read on this comes with 2 amazingly simple steps.

Firstly, focus on covering who you are, what you can offer being relevant to the job, and what you are wanting from the job or career – referring to the job description to help you identify the specific skills the employer is looking for to help you stand out.

Secondly, make it specific to you. Anyone can talk about what they can bring to the employer through these tips – but you want to stand out. This means tailoring this part on your most impressive, interesting, and relevant skills and abilities.

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